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"They say boys never grow up, their toys just get bigger. I say I never grew up, my 'My Little Ponies' just got bigger!" - Me

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Spring in Pictures

Been having a hard time coming up with much to post lately, so we'll try this. 
Our spring in pictures.

Last we left off, Lady had gotten new jammies.  Well, Cody got new jammies too, a turnout sheet to match Lady's!

They look so cute together!  And yes, they are back together!  Cody was on individual turnout for most of the winter from her knee surgery, and still is on "individual turnout" but turned out with just Lady.  It's SO nice having them together again, and I think Cody is happy to have a friend back, and Lady having less grass to pig out on and less horses to push her around is a plus for her arthritis.

When there's not enough horses for everyone to ride, Lady's a champ to give a friend's daughter a lift for a trail ride.

Fun new polo wraps!

I see those summer coats peaking through!

Pretty foggy morning, but seriously Michigan?  Turnout sheets on frozen ponies toward the end of May?

Cody's up to 30 minutes of hand walking....but who wants to hand walk a horse for 30 minutes.  Ok, yes, the exercise is good for me, but it gets old quick.  So, we pony several days a week, sometimes in the arena, sometimes on the trails!  I get to ride, Lady get a light workout to keep her joints moving, and Cody gets her hand walking in!

And yes, more crazy new polo wraps!  They're addictive!  Cody's pretty in plaid, and Lady's ready for the races in her checkered flag......ok, so her arthritis says absolutely not, but they're still cute!

And then there's little Pistol.  Pistolero is a 4 year old Paso Fino gelding that belongs to a fellow boarder, who's been kind enough to let me work with him a few days a week, with ground work and riding, so I have a horse without "soundness limitations" to enjoy and practice my Downunder Horsemanship with, and little Pistol gets some extra work in to help with his training since he's still a bit green.  And he is a little guy!  Slightly taller than my Wayne was, but definitely not over 14 hands, and much finer in build.  But he's been fun to work with so far.

So, there's our spring this year.