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Tuesday, October 25, 2011


Ok, so I don't completely get the whole Steampunk costuming fad, and haven't ventured into it yet myself.  But some of my costuming friends have, including my photographers from the Renaissance Photoshoot of Cody and I (still waiting for the pics of Lady and I with the dress).

But in exchange for the Renaissance photos, Lady and Cody helped out with some steampunk photos (Cody for ground pics, Lady for mounted ones)........

You know you have a steady eddie when there is a highly modified noise making Nerf cannon involved and she could care less!

So what the heck is Steampunk?  Good question.....and one I seem to have a hard time answering when asked.....but it seems to be a combination of Victorian era meets Wild West era meets Steam Power era meets Science Fiction.  The best example that everyone seems to come up with is Will Smith's movie "Wild Wild West".  Lots of brass and gears and strange things.  

Who knows, I may venture into it yet.  I mean, Victorian era riding outfit gone steampunk?  It could happen!  And I have the horses to make it look good!  Yeah, we'll see, I have many other costuming projects to finish this winter, and I'll be lucky to get through all of those.

Though I must say, I think my favorite Steampunk costume that I've seen so far.......Steampunk Boba Fett.....but then we already know I'm a Star Wars geek!

Ok, sorry about the total derailment!  Back to your regularly scheduled program, with a little more horse and a little less weird......

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  1. Your horses are adorable. And Lady? She looks like the ultimate Steampunk steed, if there was such a thing (ok, I don't get it either:). Very cool photos, your girls are stars!