"Smile! It keeps your brain from falling out when you're frustrated!" - Clinton Anderson (Downunder Horsemanship)

"They say boys never grow up, their toys just get bigger. I say I never grew up, my 'My Little Ponies' just got bigger!" - Me

Tuesday, November 22, 2011


How to keep a stall bound horse entertained. Cut some holes in a milk jug, fill with goodies, hang in stall!

Earlier in the day, she flung it so hard she launched grain and cookies out of her stall and clear across the aisle!
Caution:  Beware of Cody and her milk jug.  Projectiles in the form of grain or cookies may come flying out of stall at any time!


  1. Those are seriously awesome! You should market them:)

  2. It's hilarious watching her! Though I need to make a new one with smaller holes for the hay pellets I bought. They're a lot smaller than the treats and pieces of hay cubes I was putting in it, so she has it empty and all over her stall and the aisle in about 5 minutes flat! lol! As soon as we get that next jug of milk or water finished.....