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Monday, August 30, 2010

Riders Rasp

So I saw the Riders Rasp Trail at TSC today while getting hay cubes for Wayne, and made in impulse buy!

Cody's front feet have been driving me nuts.  I pulled her shoes last trimming since I can't ride her anymore, and her feet are of course cracking as the nail holes grow out. 

But I can't work a regular rasp to save my life.  I'm just not strong enough and way too uncoordinated to work one of those.  I leave that to my farrier!  But my next farrier appointment is still three weeks away, and I'd really rather not let her feet chip and crack all to pieces as they continue to grow.

So I decided to try the Riders Rasp (been debating on ordering one for a long time now), and glad I did!  Definitely a very handy tool!  Got the hang of it pretty quick right handed, still clumsy as heck with it left handed, but I managed.  Definitely a workout, and makes me appreciate my farrier all the more, and made me realize Cody needs a slight manners refresher before my next appointment.  Naughty girl. 

But a little hard work and lots of sweat later, and all four feet are nicely filed and much less likely to crack all to pieces before my farrier comes out again!  Definitely glad I bought it!  Will have to see what I can do with the flares trying to start on Lady's back feet, and check out Wayne's feet, but another time.  One horse is enough for one day in 90 degree weather! 

Only disappointment with the Riders Rasp Trail is the blades don't appear to be replaceable on this version, but this will work for now, and whenever it finally goes dull, I'll invest in the original with the changeable blades.  But otherwise, I think it will be a handy hoof tool to have around the barn!  Right up there with my hoof knife and soaking boots!


  1. Isn't it great when something actually exceeds your expectations? :) Something else to add to my wish list...once I'm done buying supplements, hay cubes, beet pulp, and oh yeah, paying board:)

  2. I may have to pick up one of these! Thanks for the recommendation.

  3. I have that. I really like it to finish out the trim. I`ve been taking lessons from my farrier. Like you I have issues with getting the rasp to work. And after doing 2 feet, my back has had it. Break time.