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Friday, October 29, 2010

Love the Rocky side!

 Gotta love Lady's Rocky Mountain Horse half!  She might be only 15 hands and short strided, but she can sure cover some ground on the trails when she gets her groove on!

Memorial Day Parade - May 2004

Tonight we did a little bit of arena work, just some flexing at the walk and more of the clover leaf exercise at the trot.  Then we hit the trails for a short trail ride with three of the big boys at the barn.  One 16.2 hand Quarter Horse and two 16.3 hand Thoroughbreds, and Lady kept up with or ahead of them the whole ride.  And helped show those big boys that the trail isn't that scary of a place to be.  She's such a little steady eddie.

But 15 hands or not, she can definitely cover some ground.  It's not uncommon for Cody to have to do a western jog to keep up with Lady at the walk on the trails.  And Cody's 16 hands and takes one stride to Lady's two!

When I started ponying them together, it took forever to get them both to canter together.  I could move Cody out in a nice english canter, and Lady would just book it at the trot next to her.  I have to push Cody into a hand gallop to finally get Lady to canter too! 

Lady just has a different set of gears I guess!  But then the gaited breeds are known for covering ground, and well, she is half Rocky!

Such a silly girl! - 8-21-10

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  1. Yay pretty Lady! I remember that she took Ebony on her 2nd trail ride at High Point...such a good, calm presence for the nervous ones:)