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Monday, October 25, 2010

Pig Pen

Brought Cody in from the pasture tonight, and she was pretty much head to toe caked on mud.  Oh yeah, when Cody does mud, she cakes it on REAL good! 

Kate, one of the boarders at the barn that lives in the apartment there and does riding lessons, had just got done with one of her lessons, and the two little girls had just finished up untacking and brushing out Lady and Kate's horse Cheyenne when they noticed a very mud covered Cody. 

They were like aren't you going to brush her out?  I'm looking at Cody going...ah....no.  I'm not touching her!  Maybe tomorrow after some of the mud falls off.  Yes, bad horse mom I know, but I'm also allergic to horses (yeah, fun, and I own three of them, never used to be until a couple years ago), so brushing that mud mess would have me paying for it for a couple days.  No thanks, Cody can stay muddy!

So they wanted to brush her!  You don't want to brush her, believe me!  It's not fun!  But for two horse sick little girls, a filthy Cody was no big deal.  So their mom's said yes, and they went to work.  It was all they could do to reach the top of her back and rump, she's a little tall for them, but they didn't care.  They curried and curried and curried, and there stood Cody with the most comical look on her face, a little girl on each side brushing up a storm, and this cloud of dust rolling around the three of them that made me think of Pig Pen from the Peanuts!  But she was nice and clean when they got done!!

The girls with Lady (left) and Cheyenne (right) at one of the fun shows at the barn this year.

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  1. THAT is adorable! Sigh...I remember being that horse crazy girl with no horse once:)