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Wednesday, October 20, 2010

New Lead Ropes!

Ordered some new lead ropes for the furkids a while back and they finally arrived today!  Navy and light blue!  So pretty!  Couldn't wait to use them tonight!  They were well over due for something new, since Lady and Cody have had the same nylon halters and lead ropes since I got both of the girls almost 8 years ago!  Their halters used to be royal blue, not the faded ragged light blue they appear to be now!  And Wayne still had his original lead rope, though his original halter got retired a year ago when the snap on it got bent, but the one I replaced it with was his old nylon one he used to wear at shows, so he was definitely due for something new too! 

Lady and Cody - 10-20-10
Wayne looked sharp with his new leather halter and finally a new lead rope too!  The lead ropes looked great on Lady and Cody too, now they just need new halters.  I plan on getting them both leather halters just like Wayne's at some point in the next month or two.  Maybe for Christmas.  lol!

On the Wayne front, I'm still worried about the old man.  He was moving a little better, but I think he's back slid just a bit when I saw him today.  He's been moving a lot better than last week, but today, just not quite as good as he has been, and he seemed a little blue.  He was definitely getting upset about being in a stall.  Pacing a lot and trying to push his way out the door.  When he tried to push his way out on Monday morning, and nipped me in the side when I blocked his way and wouldn't let him push through me, I knew he was getting pretty upset about being in.  He NEVER bites, he knows better. 

Wayne - 10-20-10
So Monday night after work I got the step in posts and temporary fencing out, and roped off a very small area in his pasture not much bigger than his stall, so he could go back outside, but still not move around too much.  He was so happy to be back outside and back with his buddies, the two geldings in the pasture next door.  Though he's back in tonight, since they're calling for rain, and he can't get to his shelter right now and I don't want his standing wraps getting soaked standing out in the rain.  Hopefully I can rope off his shelter this weekend, so if it's raining, he can go out there in a small area.  But we'll see.

So, we'll keep taking it day by day and see how it goes.  Made a rice hot pad out of a couple of wash clothes and some rice to heat up in the microwave, and wrap over his tendons.  Works really well!  We're at the point of alternating between warm and cold therapy, so it's a bag of frozen peas or corn in the morning and a warm rice pad in the evening!  lol!  Much easier than trying to get Studly-Do-Right to keep his leg in a bucket of warm or cold water!


  1. Those lead ropes are sooooo pretty! I also love the look of a quality leather halter. No more nylon for us (of course, I have plenty for one horse anyway:) Why should show horses get all the pretty things? :?

    You SO made the right call by leaving Wayne in tonight, since it's now pouring and windy! Hope Miles is smart enough to stay covered. It's been great seeing your boy outside the last couple of days...I hope today is just a fluke (maybe the impending rain wasn't helping his arthritis...I know my sinuses are raging again).

    Nice job with the rice thing! You're such a good horse mom:)

  2. Very pretty leads! Good idea to get Wayne some protected outside time - that should help him to feel better at least mentally.

  3. First, thank you for following my blog! :-)

    Poor Wayne. But, it's completely understandable why he's cranky. He must have loved being outside for a bit. I am sure he appreciates the warm and cold packs you are applying....must feel really good.