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Saturday, November 13, 2010

No X-rays Yet

No x-rays of Wayne's feet yet.  My vet got the new part for her developer and we shot new x-rays of both front feet yesterday at lunch, but the developer still isn't working, even with the new part.  She called the company right away and now they are saying it's a software problem.  She feels terrible, she's had this developer for a few years now, and I guess this is the first time she's ever had any kind of problem with it.  Being a programmer, I understand how it goes when it comes to technology.  So she's going to work with the company to try to get it working again and call me as soon as she has the x-rays developed.  So hopefully today or tomorrow. 

But he seems to be doing pretty good still.  No worse anyway.  I really hope the water is turned back on today at the barn.  They're installing automatic waterers, so the water has been turned off.  I'm excited about the waterers, but I REALLY need to wash Wayne's legs down, and would like to wash a few other spots on him and wash his two turnout sheets down since I can't wash them at home or at the laundry mat, and today is probably the last day of 60 degree weather we'll have for the rest of the year.  Only supposed to be in the 40s tomorrow, and that's too cold for washing anything other than a quick wash down of his legs and will be a little cold to scrub sheets.  Please let the water be back on later today.  I have three empty water bottles, so I guess I can at least haul three gallons of water with me from home and at least wash his legs some.

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  1. Keep on swimming!!! I've been checking blogger over and over again for you to post your x-rays; I can hardly sit still. I can't wait to see what's going on in those little legs of his. Fingers crossed, I'll be praying. <3