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Saturday, November 13, 2010

Shavings and Wool Coolers Don't Mix!

Haven't heard from the vet yet, so still no x-ray results.  Hopefully tomorrow or Monday.

Thankfully the water was turned back on this afternoon (and Richie waterers all install, yes, I don't have scrub water tanks for the pastures my horses are in anymore, but that's another story), and so Wayne got a mini bath.  Mainly just washed his legs down good, and did a quick scrub of belly, flanks, and shoulders.  Not warm enough to do a full bath, though that would have been nice.  He stinks.  I'll have to towel the rest of him down tomorrow.  I definitely prefer dirt floor stalls since they drain so much better than these cement floor stalls with rubber mats that don't drain at all.  Another note for the "someday when I get my own place" list of things that work better than others!

But anywho, bundled him up in his wool cooler after his bath, and towel dried his legs as best I could, then put him in his stall to let him dry some more, before I could rebandage his legs.  He dug into his haycubes for a while, while my husband and I fed the girls and hung a tie ring in the rafters of his stall to hang one of those lickit stall toys from.  Then he decided to lay down for a 15 minutes break.......still wearing his wool cooler.  Oh no! 

Holy shavings stuck to cooler when he got up!  Little bugger, but he's so darn cute, you just can't be mad at him for it.  Cody rolled in shavings one time with that wool cooler on, and it took me forever to get all the shavings off it.  Discovered that a rubber curry comb worked pretty well to remove shavings from wool, so didn't take too long to get all the shavings off of him.  At least he didn't roll like Cody did, so it was only shavings on one side instead of both.

Got to try out my new no bow wraps that came in the mail yesterday.  All the no bows I've ordered or bought around town have been hardly worth the price, they're all just paper thin and wrinkle easy while trying to wrap them, in the end I think my quilts have more padding and wrinkle less.  But I decided to try the no bows from Big Dee since I had to order some other stuff from there, and I have to say, their no bow wraps ROCK!  Thicker than the quilts and much thicker than the other no bows I have, but thinner than the pillow wraps, perfect thickness for plenty of padding under standing wraps and no wrinkles while wrapping!  I will definitely be ordering more at some point.  So if you need good no bows, check out Big Dee Tack!

Hmmmmm......beginning to think this blog should be called "Wayne's World".  Poor Lady and Cody!

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