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Saturday, December 18, 2010

Cold Outside?

Is it cold outside? 

According to Lady, that would be a Yes!!  At a whole whopping 9 degrees out Thursday morning, Lady had a rather frosty muzzle!  And she wasn't the only one around the farm with a little frost on the whiskers.  Burr!!! 

Of course Cody was frost free in her stall in the barn.  And of course it's 9 degrees out the morning my farrier was coming.  But thankfully the main barn is insulated, so it does stay a little warmer in there than it does outside, and after having four horses in there all night to warm it up with their body heat, the barn was close to 30 inside, so the farrier appointment wasn't so bad. 

I'm so glad they got trimmed though.  Cody's feet weren't too bad, but Lady's feet grow like weeds, even in the dead of winter, and with her hoof walls a little on the long side, she was getting some serious snowballs in her feet!!!

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