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Wednesday, December 29, 2010

What Legend Is Your Horse?

I found this website in one of my horse magazines, and had to check it out!

What Legend Is Your Horse?





  1. "Ozzy is Napoleon Bonaparte, the legendary ruler of France.

    Ozzy is proud and daring, just like the Emperor and military legend who set out to conquer Europe. Sometimes, his brashness needs taming, but he’s an impressive steed who covers a lot of ground. "

    My flouncy, brave, and stubborn endurance horse. Yup.

  2. This was fun! Thanks!

    Ben Franklin

    "Gem is Ben Franklin, the legendary inventor and Founding Father.

    Gem is well rounded and smart, just like the author, scientist, politician, inventor, and chess champion. Although he may be shy at times, a sense of discovery is crucial for his happiness. Staying active is important, too."

    Not sure about the shy part, but everything else seems to fit. :-)

    Best wishes for 2011!