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Tuesday, December 7, 2010

So Far So Good!

Well, so far so good with Cody's knee!  All things considered, she's walking on it pretty well.  Turned her out for a bit in her individual turnout and she did good, so she'll start going out during the day tomorrow, as long as she behaves.  Sometimes that busy body Thoroughbred side of her brain gets the best of her, and she forgets to take care of herself.  But they said she could start going outside, as long as she stayed fairly quiet, so hopefully she'll be a good girl.

Took the big bandage off tonight too, and her knee looks pretty good.  No swelling.  Two very small incisions that look great.  She didn't pop her stitches!  They said I could leave the bandage off after today, but her entire knee and leg above and below it are shaved bald, and we're supposed to have some pretty cold temps and wind chills tomorrow.......probably not a good idea to leave that bare skin exposed.  So quilt and vet wrap around her knee, and standing wraps to keep it in place, so she should be protected from the elements.

As for me, I'm sick with a sinus infection. Icing on the cake for a very rough past couple of weeks I guess.  So off to bed I go.


  1. So sorry you're still sick:( But Cody looks fantastic! She looks like she's standing comfortably and you did a great job on her bandage. I'll be thinking calm, soothing thoughts for her to stay quiet these next couple days:)

  2. Feel better! So glad things are going well with Cody!